Why Office Savvy?

Whether you’re a freelancer who needs assistance with your monthly bookkeeping or an established business who just needs a helping hand from time to time, Office Savvy can take on your administrative burden to free up your valuable time so you focus solely on your business & its’ success. We tailor our office solutions to your requirements so you only pay for the services you actually need when you need them; saving you money, time and resources.

Advantages of partnering with us:

  • We are experts in our fields and can provide our clients with a high level of service.
  • You pay only for the work you need doing so there will be no expensive costs associated with hiring a full-time employee! No payroll, PAYE or UIF costs. No need for training or employee benefits. No sick leave or holiday allocations necessary.
  • Because we work virtually, there is no need to provide office space and resources (unless you’d prefer it that way).
  • You can rest assured that, within our network of experts, we can handle just about anything you throw at us! If we can’t, we’ll tell you straight away and not waste your time or money.
  • We pride ourselves on offering a confidential service to all clients but are more than happy to sign a confidentiality agreement.
  • We work to your schedule. If you only need our help during your busy periods, that’s fine. If you need more regular support, that’s fine too. We will tailor our services to your requirements at any given time.
  • We offer competitive rates and are flexible on the levels of support required.
  • We can help you achieve a healthy work-life balance.